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Midlothian Mechanical now offers Saturday hours from 8am to 4pm, at standard weekday rates for your comfort and convenience.  Have a warm weekend!

Midlothian Mechanical, Your AC Doctor!                                               

As a Richmond, VA home or business owner, the last thing you want to worry about is your heating and air conditioning or plumbing system.  These are things you should be able to take for granted.  Nothing is more stressful than when your comfort is lost or compromised due to a problem with your air conditioning, heating, or plumbing system.

Heating, air conditioning, (HVAC) and refrigeration systems consist of many mechanical and electronic components such as motors, compressors, pumps, fans, ducts, pipes, thermostats and switches.  In central heating systems, for example, a furnace heats air that is distributed throughout the building via a system of metal or flexible ducts.  Technicians must be able to maintain, diagnose, and correct problems throughout the entire system. That's where Midlothian Mechanical, Your AC Doctor comes in…

Midlothian Mechanical was voted the #2 HVAC contractor in the Richmond Magazine Best & Worst reader survey, and is one of the largest heating and air conditioning services with a sophisticated computerized dispatch and maintenance management system. Our services include heater and furnace repairs and installation, air conditioner repairs and air conditioning system design and installation, and residential plumbing repairs and installation.  Midlothian Mechanical has the homes and businesses of Midlothian, Powhatan, Chesterfield, Chester, Goochland, Henrico, Mechanicsville, Hopewell and all of metro Richmond, VA running efficiently.

Proud sponsor of the Richmond Flying Squirrels!NEWS UPDATE:  The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy has launched a supplemental appliance rebate program. This program will qualify you for a $300 rebate on new installations that are 15 SEER---8.5 HSPF - 12.5 EER  or higher.

There are approximately 400 HVAC companies in the Richmond metro area. Midlothian Mechanical was ranked second in the July/August 2011 edition of Richmond Home Magazine. Thank you to all of our valued customers!  Midlothian Mechanical is now serving customers of White & Yeatts Service Company.

There’s no one else in Richmond, VA that you could call “Commercial & Residential HVAC Installation, Service and Replacement Experts”…except Midlothian Mechanical, Your AC Doctor.  See what our customers are saying...

West End - (804) 261-6195        Hanover / New Kent - (804) 559-6136          Southside - (804) 379-6222


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